Austin Powder Coating is a locally owned and operated business in Austin, Texas. Nestled in Northeast Austin, APC provides high-quality powder coating finishes. All powder coating is completed in house and completed by hand, not machine. Our services include prep such as media blasting, power washing, chemical dipping, to hand sanding. We take great pride to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We welcome any and all types of projects for powder coating. From large quantity manufactured services to bicycle and automotive parts to furniture pieces that your grandma gave you. 



Second Chance Custom is our sister company, specializing in Custom Furniture and Home Goods. We operate both businesses, side by side and many times in coordination with each other. Many aspects of our projects are seen in both shops. Whether its a new custom built Live Edge Dining Table or other Hardware created and fabricated in the SCC shop, many of those pieces pay a visit to the powder coating booth here at APC, before heading off to an anxious client. Be sure to check out our past projects and many other products in the online store. Click here to visit Second Chance Custom.