Powder coating success is all about the prep.  The first steps we take are determining the best method of prepping and cleaning your item(s).  We remove all dirt, oil, grease, metal oxide and welding substrates.  Even new raw metal will go through the media blasting and preparation needed to ensure a long lasting powder coat application.   

We offer different medias for blasting.  Sand is the most common method of prepping the item(s) for powder coating.  

Color Selection:
We have a wide range color selection, both in-house and available to order.  The best option is to come in and check out the sample swatches for yourself.  If you have a color you are trying to match we can get as close as possible or we can send the swatch off to our lab for exact match.  Ask us about details.

Additional Services:                                                                                                                                                                       When it comes to metal that is outdoors we highly recommend Zinc Primer to help protect against rust.  We also offer clear coating.  Clear coating is good for objects that would see a lot of use and abuse such as automotive parts.  It adds a layer of protection over the powder coat. The other neat thing about clear coating is that it can be applied as a flat, semi-gloss, or high gloss finish!

Turn Around Time:
Turnaround time depends on a lot of factors i.e... how many parts, how big the item(s) is/are, if we have the color in stock or have to order it and if the item(s) have a previous coating that may need more time and attention to make sure the job is done right.  This, of course, is our first priority.  

We offer walk-in and scheduled drop-off services.  Scheduled drop-offs are beneficial for parts like Wheels and other Car Parts that are harder to be without for a period of time.  Please call or email us for pricing and to schedule a drop-off time.